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An activity table is a favorite of kids spending time in waiting rooms, doctors offices and preschools who need a play table. Our most popular tables are the Lego 3-Seat Playtable, Monster Mountain Table, Circle of Fun, City Transportation Table, and the Fleur Rollercoaster Table.

KneeHighOcean_ED_Small.jpg Knee High - Ocean Price: $84.79
MiniCurvesNWavesTable_AN_Small.jpg Mini Curves 'n Waves Table Price: $99.75 Mini Curves 'n Waves Table
Average rating:
SandPlayTable_AN_Small.jpg Sand Play Table Price: $109.72
building-block-acivity-table-1-large_1_.jpg Building Block Activity Table Price: $138.70
2In1ActivityTable_KK_Small.jpg 2-in-1 Activity Table Price: $128.81
SubmarineTable_AN_Small.jpg Submarine Rollercoaster Table Price: $152.00
TrafficJamTable_AN_Small.jpg Traffic Jam Rollercoaster Table Price: $159.60
ToddlerActivityCenter_FB_Small.jpg Toddler Activity Center Price: $167.89
StandardActivityCenter_FB_Small.jpg Standard Activity Center Price: $177.76
WaterfallMtnTrainSet_KK.jpg Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table Price: $188.15
RideAroundTrainSet_KK_Small.jpg Ride Around Town Train Set With Table Price: $208.10
FleurRollercoasterTable_AN_Small.jpg Fleur Rollercoaster Table - Metal Legs Price: $219.45
MiniCOF_AN_Small.jpg Mini Circle of Fun Price: $224.43
UltimateFleurRollercoasterTable_AN_Small.jpg Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table Price: $224.43
FleurRollerWhite_AN_Small.jpg Fleur Rollercoaster Table - White Price: $229.42
KYDZBuildingTable_JC_Small.jpg KYDZ Building Table KYDZ Building Table
Average rating:
CityTransportTable_AN_Small.jpg City Transportation Table Price: $259.35
MetropolisTrainSet.jpg Metropolis train Set and Table Price: $264.27
Blossom Table.jpg Blossom Table Price: $266.34
Flower Wire and Beads Table 2.jpg Flower Wire and Beads Table Game Price: $265.05
Wavy Legs Beads and Mirrior Table.jpg Beads and Mirror Table Price: $265.05
science_400[1].jpg Science Exploration Table Price: $299.95
MagneticSeaLifeTbl_AN_Small.jpg Magnetic Sea Life Table Price: $279.30
MagneticSandBugLifeTable_AN_Small.jpg Magnetic Sand Bug Life Table Price: $279.30
step-up-rollercoaster-table-3-large.jpg Step Up Rollercoaster Table Price: $299.25
JungleRollercoasterTable_AN_Small.jpg Jungle Rollercoaster Table Price: $349.12
COF9012.jpg Circle of Fun Price: $349.12 Circle of Fun
Average rating:
fleur-rollercoaster-table-with-stools-attached-1-large.jpg Fleur Table with 4 Attached Stools Price: $389.02 Fleur Table with 4 Attached Stools
Average rating:
Vehicle Adventure Table.jpg Vehicle Venture Price: $445.55
Bead Blast Vehicle Adventure.jpg Bead Blast Vehicle Adventure Price: $445.55
Dune Racer Table.jpg Dune Racer and Bead Blast Price: $474.05
Jungle_jumble1.jpg Jungle_Jumble_Table Price: $498.75
Veggie Visage Table.jpg Veggie Visage Table Price: $569.05
Fruits and Veggie Table.jpg Peas and Carrot Table Price: $569.05
Magnetown Table.jpg Magnetown Table Price: $664.05
Glow Maze Table.jpg Glow Maze Table Price: $664.05
Hospital Activity Table.jpg Hosptial Adventure Price: $664.05
MyPlate Table1.jpg MyPlate Magnetic Play Table Price: $759.05
Fruit and Veggie Table1.jpg Fruit and Veggie Magnetic Table Price: $759.05
Safarit Magneitc Play1.jpg Safari Magnetic Play Table Price: $759.05
Seascape Magnetic Table.jpg SeaScape Magnetic Play Table Price: $759.05
WonderGear Table.jpg WonderGear Table Price: $854.05